Bread and Wine & Gaga

Today is the first day of the Holy Triduum. Liturgical Christians everywhere will celebrate Christ’s Last Supper with a Mass followed by the stripping of the altar in preparation for Holy Friday & Holy Saturday. Until I joined The Episcopal Church, the Triduum meant nothing to me, as most Protestant churches observe Palm Sunday{ Minus the Passion narrative} And go an entire week without remembering what happened during Christ’s last week here on Earth. In my tradition, the Maundy Thursday Eucharist service includes the ” stripping of the altar, where members of the altar guild removed each & every adornment from the altar & nave. Usually our choir mistress chants a psalm{ currently the number of that psalm escapes my memory} and all kneel in silence. Its a very reverent yet spooky service.

This year, my priest is including foot-washing as part of our Maundy Thursday liturgy. I’m not quite sure if I’ll partake in the foot-washing, as I hate people touching my feet & also have a real distates for touching others’ feet. But we’ll see if I am so led by the Holy Spirit to partake in the ” yucky” yet very Biblical ritual of Maundy Thursday foot-washing.

On a completely off-topic note: I find it insulting that Lady Gaga released her latest song _Judas_ in the middle of Holy Week. While I recognize that not everyone observes Holy Week,many Christians of the Roman, Anglican & Eastern Orthodox Catholic traditions do so & to intentionally release a song with the title of _Judas_ is totally tacky. I’d ove to hear what my friends think of this choice of Gaga & her handlers. My guess is that she is pulling another shocking marketing stunt in order to increase her total sales. While I am all for free-market economics, I do think that decorum should be observed at all times, including when one is promoting a product or service. I am a firm believer in the First Amendment and if folks buy Lady Gaga’s ” music” that is their prerogative.

Disclaimer: Just because I do not like the music of one Lady Gaga does NOT mean I am a prude. I do enjoy the music of Paramore & Katy Perry, so plese do not put me ” out to pasture” with the ” old” people yet. :O) I do, however,find Lady Gaga’s music & countenence disgusting.

Blessed Triduum, y’all.

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  • smurlene  On 04/21/2011 at 2:06 pm

    I remember participating in a foot washing service. It was wonderful! So humbling. And Gaga…blahga.

  • smurlene  On 04/21/2011 at 2:10 pm

    I remember participating in a foot washing service. It was wonderful! So humbling. And Gaga…blahga.

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