Good Friday:” It is finished”

Jesus said " It is finished".

Today is Holy Friday.

I never understood why we call this second day in the Holy Triduum Good ” Friday, since the liturgy shows nothing good bout what Our Lord Jesus Christ went through on this day some 2000 years ago. So I prefer to know this day in the Church year as ” Holy Friday”.

The Maundy Thursday Mass last evening was very powerful. I remember the first Maundy Thursday service I attended as an Episcopalian , I had never seen the church stripped of all its adornments before then & the image is seared in my memory. Three years later the visual effects of this service * still* causes a lump to form in my throat.

This afternoon my parish will remember together Christ’s Way of The Cross by walking the 14 Stations of th Cross around our parish property followed by the Good Friday Liturgy in the nave. Last year my rector asked members of the congregation gathered to take turns carrying the heavy wooden cross from station to station. Wow…that cross is heavy & I can only imagine what Christ must have felt like on his way to Golgotha.

Its very powerful yet unsettling to have services in a nave stripped of its adornments& in front of a bare altar. But the barrenness ofthe church’s inside is just yet another powerful visiual of what happened to Our Lord on that Friday so long ago . The emptiness of the church of all its beauty is a relection of what the disciples must have felt like when their Rabbi & Lord was killed.

” It is finished” Jesus said before He died. But those of us who believe in Him as our Lord & savior knows,as my former priest used to say ” the rest of the story”. We must endure the sorrow of Holy Friday in order to truly appreciate the miracle of Easter Morning.

In the 1979 Bok of Common Prayer Eucharistc Prayer A has a part that both priest & people say together that goes like this:
” Christ has died.
Christ has risen.
Christ will come again”{~ BCP page 363}

Afte the Friday liturgy & all day Satuday we catholic Christians are n a state of limbo. Although we, unlike Jesus’ first followers, know that He will conquer death, this Friday is sill a somber reminder of what Christ gave up for us The Friday liturgy, this ” work of the people”, every Triduum, reminds me that our God is a God of love.

Thank you, Jesus.

Blessed Triduum y’all.

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  • shamila  On 04/05/2012 at 11:44 am

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