Easter is 50 Days! Part One


Lily in the Stained glass windowsill in the Nave

Happy Easter!

I know I am a bit late with updating, but it was a wonderful and BUSY Holy Triduum. We had church Thursday evening, Friday & Saturday….and I went to all the services but for the daytime Hoy Saturday liturgy. I get enough at the Friday Stations Of The Cross & Good Friday liturgy & I spent most of Saturday during the day in quiet contemplation & anticipation of the Easter Vigil..otherwise known among Catholic Christians as ” the Vigil of Vigils”.

We gathered at the church, kindled a fire { don’t worry, it was a contained fire} on the property, and processed into the church behind the priest & torch-bearer The Paschal Candle was lit from the torch. those who attended the Vigil heard the story of God’s plans to redeem humanity as told throughout the Old Testament. Th Gospel accoding to John was read & the lights came inthe nave so the remainder f the Mass was said under lights.

The Flower Guild did a fabulous job , as usual, with the placement of the Easter Lillies. Although I am allergic to these lillies I can still appreciate their beauty. I totaly lack an alent for flower-arranging & therefore appreciate the work of our dedicated Flower Guild members . Our small parish is blessed with so many talented individuals who are willing to share said talents.

At any rate, Best Dude & I atended the laer Easter Sunday Mss yesterdy & spent the day togther afterwards. I’l post commentary & photos from Easter Sunday tomorrow.

ALLELUIA! Christ has Risen! Happy Easter.

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