One State: Two Teams. God Bless Alabama

War Tide Roll Eagle

In the wake of way too much government interference in the daily lives of we citizens,my heart is warmed when hear { ia Facebook} of all the help that the city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama is getting from Bama’s biggest rival, Auburn University. As a Crimson Tide gal in Northwest Florida I am delighted to see the football rivalry between these two Southeast Conference teams be put ” on hold” as citizens from all over the Southeast work together to aid those hurt by that series of tornadoes that devastated the Southeast & especially hit Alabama.

No one whom I know personally in Alabama was affected by the storm series Yet I find myself wanting to do SOMETHING to help those who were in he paths of the storms. After hurricane Ivan & Denis it the Florida Gulf Coast I was overwhelmed by the willingness to help that came in from our neighboring state.

I am looking for a way that I, as a northwest Floridian, can help our human siblings in Alabama. If anyone knows of any relief going to northern Alabama from my part of the world, please feel free to contact me via my Facebook or my new “work” email address . The Bishop of the Central Gulf Coast, where I live, posted the addresses of te Episcopal Dioceses affected by the tornadoes so folks ho are so inclined can send aid money. While sending money to victim of natural disasters is a noble contribution: I would like to do some ” hands on” mission work in Alabama.

God Bless the people of Alabama.

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