Book plug part 2{written after my daily perusing of NY Times}

Here is Part two of my series of reviews, section by section, of Lisa Bloom’s first book_ Think_.

The first part of the book delves into detail about why & how the ” dumbing down” of Americans occurs. Part two is much more optimistic. I like folks who can constructively criticize *and* offer solutions to problems ,whether said problems are personal, familiar, organizational or societal.

The dumbing down of Americans, especially American girls & women is a HUGE problem. The solution is attainable, even for the busiest women. It all comes down to prioritizing. Ms Bloom says that women need to create time to think, dream, create, ect. Whether literally or figuratively, Bloom says that every woman needs ” a room of her own. { Ha….I LOVE Virginia Woolf}

Ms Bloom devotes an entire section on the subject of the value of READING. As an avid reader, this section felt a lot like the author was” preaching to the choir of readers” but there were a few new point she brought up regarding reading that made me ponder my own reading habits. We tend to chose books that reflect our own tastes. especially nonfiction books. { I am by far no exception to this rule} She suggests that readers make a concerted effort to choose books which totally go against one’s personal/political/ social beliefs. Now I am not * quite* ready to purchase Ann Coulter’s latest tome , but I * might* check out Richard Nixon’s biography at my local library. Ms Bloom also suggest that reading should include one quality newspaper{ such as the NY Times, which I read online on most days} & a local hometown newspaper. I admit that I don’t peruse the Times as much as I should but the daily newspaper is part of my morning routine as much as is coffee.

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