Rant of an Independent, Progressive woman with a Libertarian philosophy

So, as most of y’all know, I made myself a vow to feed my intellect by reading books on subjects that either bore me or that are of a political persuasion that is * not* my Weird Independent Progressive Libertarian cup of flavored political tea.

Best Dude is working on his paperwork for his job & I’m spending this part of Sunday afternoon pursuing the NY Sunday Times Book Review page. I noted that GW Bush’s book_ Decision Points_ is still on the bestseller list so I copied down the information of that book. Believe me: I am not a fan of ” W” , but by planning to read his tome I will expose myself to some of what the extreme subscribers to hardcore Republican ideology think & why they think it.

I’m all about small goverenment & states rights but at the same time I’LL BE DARNED if some government tries to tell me who to love & what I can & cannot do with my own body! I think Big Government looks over the shoulders of its citizens way too dang much. Yet at the same time I recognize that most people lack the decency & decorum to always do whats fair & moral so we * do* need government & government programs. But yet our officials spend way too much of our own money funding projects & services that in my opinion would be better spent elsewhere. Since American adult private citizens are held responsible for each one’s own financial life, then the same should apply to government. But lets face it: the government spends way to much of our money in a wasteful manner.

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