I’m a nerd because…

I am a nerd & am proud to be one.

Evidence of my nerdiness includes…..

~I check the NY Times in the morning BEFORE I check Facebook.

~ Books { fiction & nonfiction} are better company than are most people.

~ I talk back to cable news…literally. It is true. Ask Best Dude. O)

~ What I miss most about college are the classes.

~Intelligence is a very very very attractive trait in a man.

~Shopping, especially shoe shopping, is torture for me.

~I am of the conviction that the only films worth seeing are in art cinemas.

~ I hated pep rallies & school dances in high school.

~ One of the opportunities of college that I missed the chance for was the debate team…UWF has a kick-butt forensics team & if I had the confidence in my nerdiness that I do now I * so* would have joined.

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