Cheapskate’s foray to read what the “opposition” writes

In her book, _ Think_, Lisa Bloom challenges American women to READ. Fo those of us who are avid readers, she challenges us to read material written by those whom we * know* are on the opposite sociopolitical spectrum as we. While I, on a limited discretionary income cannot afford to buy books every week, I can & do find blogs by nationally syndicated columnists & authors whose social values clearly are not in alignment with mine.

Last evening, during the commercial breaks of an NCIS marathon on TV, I ent to the web site of right windbag Ann Coulter & read two of her commentaries online. YUCK. While this mental excercse was a form of torture for me, it * did* made me think harder about my own position on womens’ reprodctive rights.

For someone who claims to advocate small government, Ms Coulter sure rails against such secular institutions as reproductive rights!Banning womens’ right to choose what to do with her own body smacks of control by Big Government & I’d aways thought that Coulter & her ilk detest Big Government. { Please note I did not say pro-Abortion, I am not. But MY views should not impede others from seeking a safe end to pregnancy} I’ve never thought that a woman’s right to decide the destiny of her own body * should* be decided by the government.

She also made snide remarks about how certain ” liberal” politicians treat women. Misogyny is not a problem that only affects men of a certain political persuasion. Look at the dirt emerging surrounding a certain former California Republican governor as of late.

Larry Craig was caught soliciting ” favors” from an undercover officer in a MENS’ bathroom in an airport. That is correct, Ms Traditional Family Values Coulter, Rep. Craig was looking to cheat on his wife with a random male stranger in a public faclity..a facilty supported by tax dollars. Whatcha think about that, hmm?

Ann Coulter is of the opinion that GLBT persons are” a threat to the American family…blah blah blah”. But apparently men of her political persuasion * can’t* be attracted to other men. Really….REALLY? News flash, Ann: 1 in 10 Americans identify as homosexual…and they are not all who you deem as ” liberals”.

I’m finished with my foray into Ann Coulter’s Alternative World. my visit there, as short as it was, scared me.

Some men are slimeballs & the amount of slime they extact when t comes to women has * nothing* to do with any given major political party. Ms Coulter makes a habt{ or so it seems from the few blog articles from her I could stomach}to resort to using legalese & a lot of name-calling.

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