Nexxxxt Title , please!

Cutie+ Heck yes ! :O)

Thanks to my friend,Holly, I now own a hardback copy of a title that has been on my ” must-read” list since the day it arrived on shelves.

My next book of choice is _Dilemma_ by Albert Cutie+ {pronounced koo-tee eh} . his story is more than one of sex, love and a former Roman Catholic priest…it is the story of one man’s struggle between the Church he loved & his discontent & discomfort with the laws of said Church.

Now I have heard the argument that Fr Cutie knew that the Roman Church requires priests to swear to a life of celibacy & that he *did* break his vows to the church he served. That is an excellent point. Yet at the same time, the Cutie case * does* call into question the requirements that an ordained servant of God ” should” subscribe to so tha he or she can qualify for Holy Orders. Although I was never a practicing Roman Catholic, he whole docine of clerical celibacy does & always has befuddled me.

It is my opinion that a man or{ yes!} woman of the cloth can both serve God and be a faithful, attentive spouse & parent. But that is * just * my opinion & I don’t wish to argue with anyone, although I am always open for respectful dialogue. Most of my family on my father’s side & many friends are good Roman Catholic Christians & I respect their faith path . So please do likewise & respect mine. Danke!

I don’t want to argue the merits of anyone’s theology, but this case has piqued my interest since I first learned about it on cable news. Unlike most consumers of news, when a story catches my attention I want to find out more. Sure I knew that Fr Cutie had been punished by the Roman Catholic Church for his consensual involvement with an adult woman{ who, by the way was NOT a parishioner at the church he was serving.}

This is going to be interesting.

Stay tuned. Peace out from this proud Episcopalian!

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