Further comments on Albert Cutie’s book

I’m almost finished with Albert Cutie’s book_ Dilemma_. As a matter of fact, if I were feeling better physically, I would have skipped my Sunday afternoon nap in order to finish this fascinating insider’s foray into the inner workings of the hierarchy in Rome.

Fr Cutie tried in spite of his growing disagreements with the hierarchy of the Roman Church,to be a good Roman Catholic priest. He has been criticize in some circles for being wishy-washy and ” abandoning his Church” but after almost fishishing his book I see now that Fr Cutie DID try hard to remain a ” good” Roman Catholic priest. Up until he became an active Roman Catholic priest, the Roman Church was all he’d known. He’d been indoctrinated to believe honesly that tha Papalism is the ONLY true form of our Christian faith.

Although I am not a priest I identify strongly with Fr. Cutie’s story. I’m an Epicopal convert, too. My journey to TEC, albeit not public nor a ” scandalous” as is his, sill is one wrougt with sorrow. I feel sorrow that people from my former Presbyterian congregation are of the mindset that I am “ persona non grata but I am very much at peace with the way my life has turned. While I know not what thefuture holds for me, I am joy-filled at peace as an Anglo-Catholic Episcopalian.

It is * really* hard for a person to step out of his or her comort zone when it comes to matters of faith & faith communities. People will have hurt feelings& some will never understand how the person who left said faith community can be such a ‘traitor”.

I know first -hand how folks whom one thought one knew from one’s former faith community suddenly treat one like a pariah. When I Ieft my former denomination, folks whom I had believed to be my friends cut off all communication with me. It was emotionally & spiritually one of the worst experiences of my adult life but in hindsight I see the ” big picture” God wanted me as an Anglo-Catholic Episcopalan Christian.

Like Fr Cutie, I’d been seriously praying about whether or not to leave the unhappy situation that was familiar & venture into the little Episcopal parish that is now my home. Like Fr Cutie, I am HOME in the Episcopal Church & for this I thank God.

I admire him for having the courage to question some of what he had been taught to believe about the Church of his upbringing. From what I read, he was and is the sort of priest who could attract new followers to the messege of Our Lord Jesus Christ . Priests such as Fr Cutie are needed…both in the Anglo- *and* Roman Catholic traditions.

Rock on, Fr Albert!

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