Advice to new college grads…

I am not famous nor rich enough to secure an invite to any college or university’s commencement, but I do have some advice for the Class of 2011.

~ The future is exciting, but don’t forget from whence you came. Maintain roots with your community of origin.
~ Be grateful that you had the opportunity to attend college. Not everyone who is so inclined can obtain a college degree.
~ READ READ READ READ. Education doesn’t end upon graduations. Learning is a lifelong pursuit isn’t always ” just for the test”
~ Keep , or get , physically fit. Strong bodies & strong minds do co-relate.
~Volunteer. Everyone, no matter how busy with life, can carve time to give to those in need. Time is as important to give as is money.
~ Control credit card debt.
~ Don’t worry about finding your life’s partner right away. Women, especially, need not worry about the ” MRS degree”. This is 2011 & it’s really ok to be picky when it comes to finding a partner. I know that it seems as though * everyone* has someone with whom they believe to spend their lives, but this is simply not true. Take your time to meet all sorts of people before deciding that you need to settle with one person.
~” Life’s a dance you learn as you go/ sometimes you lead/ sometimes you follow. Find mentors who can help you navigate life’s rough patches.

Good luck & God Bless.

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