Local Mullet Sing & play music cos they can!

I was at my parish’s Fish Fry & Artisan Fair all day today & I am TIRED. We had live music, ” chance drawings”, fried fresh locl mullet with all the fixins, & good family fun. I posted more photos over on my Facebook page. Normally I do ot enjoy these big parish events, but today was actually pleasant. When I first got there I was conscripted to sit at the Relay For Life booth , but thanks to a very dedicated young Relay Committee member, I was soon relieved of that conscription. Thanks sooooo much, KW! I detest selling things, Girl Scout Cookie time when I as little was torture to the Nth degree.

Best Dude has been out-of-town these past few days & I am * really* looking forward to going to Mass with him & then spending the entire day together. He has been teaching me to snorkle & I’ve discovered that its a lot of fun very relaxing. We’ve been doing the snorkling basics over on the island on a part on the Soundside known as ” Mom’s Beach”. I’m not in but two feet of water & Best Dude , thank goodness, never lets me out of his sight while we’re in the water. I also hope to convince him to watch the Sunday _Criminal Minds_ marathon on A&E TV tomorrow after supper.

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