evaporating funds…and tuition due

My computer...a love-hate relationship!

My computer had to go to the ” shop” last week. My bill for the repair of my machine came to a whopping 169 dollars. Ouch. Granted, the tech guy pretty much revamped ALL the programs on my Dell laptop & cleaned out several viruses but the repair bill really took a huge cut from my limited monthly funds. Since I had to get the computer fixed & totally trust the guy who has worked o my parents’ many computer-related emergencies, I wrote that check without * too* much complaining.

Tuition for my Education for Ministry program is due in August. This well-done _theological education for laypeople_ program out of the School of Theology at The University of The South in Suwannee, TN is a good investment in my future as a Church leader For instance, since I’ve complete the first two years of EfM{ Old and New Testament} I feel much more prepared to start a Bible study group for adults at my parish.

EfM Year Three, Church History, is where I am at present. Normally I budget during the summer months so that I can afford the tuition for EfM{ which is only payable in one lump sum…a payment plan would be most helpful to many of us…just saying!}The unexpected but totally necessary repair bill for my computer was totally unexpected. I’ve had this machine for two years & this as the first time I’d need to call Geek Guy for help.

Sheesh, it was very bad existing without my computer for{ drumroll, please} five whole days! Yep.

I am hoping & praying that my rector knows of some scholarship sources for faithful EfM students. Inasmuch as I hate asking for any sort of financial help for anything, I silenced my pride & am asking around if any of my Episco-peeps know of sources for funds to help cover the cost of EfM.

If it is God’s Will that I continue with EfM this academic year, then I’ll have my answer soon.

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