I joined a fanfiction site

Love me some _CM_

I am a certified _Criminal Minds_ Junkie.
Today I finally signed up for an account with a ” fan fiction” site. Since the owners of said site won’t let me post any ficfor TWO DAYS{ ????}, I am using tha time to re-acquaint myself with the art of writing fan fiction.

My fanfic work will be posted on http://www.fanfiction.net. My user handle there is: SpecialAgentSarahbeth . {Creative, right?} Hopefully, my first fanfic post for _Criminal Minds_ will post succesfully on Saturday.

I LOVE the banter that occurs between Garcia & Morgan! Yet at the same time I admit to harboring a serious celebrity crush on the actor who plays ” Spencer Reid”. Dorks have sex appeal, at least to me. :O)

Thank goodness I’ve discovered ION TV. Now I knowwhere I can get a _Criminal Minds_ fix. The new season starts September 21 & I am so stoked that ” JJ” wil return to the BAU.

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