What people with Autism might want you to know…

Of course, this is my version of the list that an Autism Mom who is a good friend of mine challenged we adults on the spectrum to produce. People with Autism might have brains that work differently than those of ” neurotypical” people, but our brains work just fine, thank you!

~ Assume intelligence. Many people with Autism are blessed with higher-than-average intelligence. Just because most of us don’t look at people’s faces when you talk with us or maybe appear to ignore our surroundings does NOT mean we lack intelligence. Actually many of the people whom I’ve met with Autism are unusually intelligent. A lack of social and/or communication skills doe not mean one lacks brainpower.

~Our sensory issues are real. Certain noises,tactile sensations, lighting quality, tastes do affect us more strongly than neurotypicals.We are not being ” difficult” when we insist that a certain texture, noise, ect hurts us. It does! For instance, the texture of spinach *REALLY* bothers me & I’ve yet to convince my own mom that this is a legitimate sensory issue. She thinks that I “just don’t like spinach”. Also, the high-pitched whirling noise of most vacuum sweepers hurts my ears. On the job at a daycare years ago I’ve encountered employers who merely think I am trying to get out of sweeping duty.

~Don’t assume that people with Autism will never be involved in romantic relationships. We desire companionship as much as neurotypicals.

These are the ” Big Three” of what I wat the world to know about people with Autism, based on my own experience.

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