In ” Lee’s ” Path

This has not been an eventful Labor Day weekend for Best Dude, my dog, Casey, and I. We had some great plans for a holiday weekend holiday, but Tropical Storm ” Lee” blew in on the Gulf Coast and ruined many folks’ plans for the weekend.

Yesterday Best Dude & I attended the early Mass at our parish , ate a big brunch at Pnera Bread Company in Fort Walton, then { after walking around Tiny Mall for over an hour} we saw the new Harrison Ford Movie _ Cowboys & Aliens_. Best Dude described the movie as ” campy” and I agree with his assessment. But it was a fun afternoon out with my favorite person and we almost * never* go to the movie theatre. The movie is a sort of blend between a western movie & the typical ” killer alien” flick. Yet I enjoyed it much mor than I’d anticipated. Best Dude & I are waiting eagerly for the second installment of the new _Sherlock Holmes_ movies to be released this Christmas. I wasn’t sure I’d like the first Holmes movie, but I * totally* got into the movie once Best Dude convinced me to watch it. Right now I am trying hard to convince him to view _A Walk to Remember_ with me{ Which I’d bought on sale to show the youth group at church some time soon} but so far he’s not interested in viewing it. :o)

This afternoon Best Dude cooked me a big brunch & we viewed the movie _ THe Silence of the Lambs_{ I’d discovered a copy of the movie in a bin at Dollar General this morning.} Gosh, that is one very well-done{ albeit very creepy} movie. Anthony Hopkins * became* Hannibal Lector!

Anyhow, thats whas been going on here in our world this weekend. Its been different, but a nice weekend nonetheless.

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