Letter to Myself at 17{ Part one}

Dear Teenaged Sarah:

I know that high school sucks, but I promise that things will get better. You have so much to look forward to in the near future, including college. Everyone says that college is nothing like high school & this is correct. You’ll move away from your parents for the first time, meet ew friends, join a sorority{ Yes, YOU Ms Shy, 1994 will pledge & join a sorority on campus.

You & Ginger will laugh hysterically over photos from her weddng weekend that autumn.

At Small State College you will meet many good friends, including a man who will factor as a very important person in your life. As a matter of fact, the day that you firs saw him on the campus Quad will be forever seared into your memory. :O) He is a good man & will somehow remain a life-long friend.

Small State College has a good student ministry program. Get involved. While these activities won’t keep you * completely* out of trouble, you’ll meet up with a group of peers who will become your family. The food in the cafeteria will be horrid but one of your first roommates, { thanks, Dawn!} will buy you a big coffee pot that will be used for everything from making coffee to chicken soup & Jello.

That first Thanksgiving break will be fun by the way, offering to babysit Jan & Nikki’s pet mice over the long weekend is NOT a good idea…but go ahead & critter-sit anyway.

Roommates: can’t live with them but can’t afford a private room at Small State College. It’s the same with professors…most of the teachers you’ll meet will be great but every box of proverbial chocolates has its ” cracked nuts”. By the way, go ahead sign up for Sociology 101 with Dr Herrick. She’s the epitome of the stereotype of the absent-minded & neurotic professor but tough out her class. You’ll learn there that people expect things { such as term papers–ahem!!} to be returned promptly.

Thats all for now. I’ll see you in the mirror when you are 35. The best is yet to come but no one told you life is easy.

a grown Sarah

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