Spiritual Autobiography:Year 3

The best is yet to come. TBTG!

Yesterday during our weekly EFM { Education for Ministry} seminar, it was my tern to give the annual ” Spiritual Autobiography” I’ve discovered that every year that I do this excercise, it becomes slightly easier to do *AND* I am lead by he Spirit to share { and omit} different parts of my Christian journey.

This year I talked much more about my teen years spent at Hill Top Presbyterian church when we lived in Ohio. During Years 1 & 2 of EFM, I was still healing from some deep spiritual/emotional wounds & my spiritual autobiography reflected as much. God hs led me to a point where I can FINALLY forgive & forget those who have ceased speaking to me since I came to my current Small Episcopal Church.

As I prayerfully prepared what I was shaing for this year, I wanted to avoid focusing on the negativity surrounding my departure from the last church I attended before coming to my current parish. I was baptized at the age of 20{ Yes!} at Hill Top Presbyteran Church in rural Ohio, I realized that the love , instruction & support I recieved from this small church as a teen { and as a teen coming from an unchurched family} played a huge part in my own walk with God & God’s Son.

In this year’s autobiography I’ve finally verbalized that my passion for Christian Education & youth ministry originated from how much the good people of Hill Top Presbyterian Church nurtured me. I am the woman,the Christian & the teacher that I am today mainly beacuse of the relationships formed at Hill Top Church. At Hill Top, I leared that church is abut a COMMUNITY of believers & sbsequently I’ve found such a community here at Small Parish. :O)

If I reach one young person and impact him or her as much as the folks at Hill Top did when I was young, I’ll accomplish my mission. Of course I the parish’s education & youth programs to grow, but in order to bring in more families it is imperative to nurture community with the youth we are blessed with already. { and , even if I do say so myself, Small Parish is blessed wth some awesome youth who regularly are party of ou community}

As an active layperson in the Episcopal church, my prayer is that God shows me how to use my gifts to build community among the youth & children of my parish *and* our Diocese.

The purpose of EFM{ and please correct me if I am wrong} is to equip laypersons to better identify & enrich their individual baptized ministry. Right now, I am called to work with organizing & implementing programs for the younger Church. Thanks be to God, I am blessed with a good example of an effective small-church Christian education comunity-building that was my experience at Hill Top Presbyterian Church. Thanks, y’all.

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