Halloween & Christianity

Halloween isn't evil!

Until I moved to the Deep South, I never thought much about Halloween as an anti-Christian celebration. I’ve lived deep in the {Protestant} Bibe-Belt for almost 13 years every Halloween I am reminded of the stark anti-Halloween sentiment that is rampant throughout all the schools & many of the churches in this part of the nation.

When I was a child & a teenager, Halloween was a time to don fun costumes & ” play pretend”. Sure, many children{ and adults} dressed as witches, zombies ghosts, ect but it never entered or minds that Hallowen meant anything other than harmless fun & A LOT of candy. One of my very favorite Halloween traditions in elementary school was the annual ” parade” of students from all grades dressing in costumes & walking around our playground. In the evening , my brother & I went trick-or-treating on our road & the adjacent subdivision where many of our schoolmates lived. It never occured to either my schoolmates nor myself that Halloween was somehow connected with the occult.

Traditonally, Halloween comes from the evening before All Saints’ Day, wich occurs every November 1. On this day we Christians honor those ” Saints”; people whom we’ve known as exemplanary Christians during their lifetime.

All Hallows’ Eve, October 31, is a day that is known to Roman Catholic Christians ” Day of the Dead” a liturgical vigil that included visiting graveyards wit the purpose of praying for the souls of the departed.

This holy day was not coupled with fun things & good food until the Christians in England , Ireland & Scotland would cover their dining table with a clean cloth & serve such delicacies as cider, curds and pancakes. After the meal, the family would recite together Psalm 129 { Source: _Catholic Encyclopedia Online_}

Personally, I find comfort in praying for the souls of our departed loved ones. In our Eucharistic litugy , we Anglicans include prayers for the souls of the recently departed as well as intercessory prayers for the Church, her clergy, our government & its leaders & intercessions for living people who suffer in mind , body or spirit.

May God bless you & your loved ones this All Hallows’ Eve weekend.

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