I rocked the paper “mitre”

Many American women I know use Halloween to dress in less-than-modest costumes  all in the name of ” Let’s pretend”.  my sixty something mother chose to dress as a 1920’s flapper for a party  but I chose to don some ” vestments” and pay tribute to ++Katharine Jefferts-Schori.

I’m not sure that my bishop will find the paper mitre I created from plain stock typing paper and a stapler.

I never much cared for scary Halloween costumes. My get-ups of years past were princesses, pumpkins or characters from cartoons. I don’t like horror movies & I never went to the neighborhood ” haunted house. Of course I think these are fine activities for some people, but when I ” play pretend  & dress up for  Halloween I try to find characters who are empowering examples. One year during college I went to a party dressed as ” Scout Finch” from the novel _To Kill A Mockingbird__ The following year I attended the same party dressed as the lead character” Dr Kay Scarpetta” in the famous crime novels by author Patricia Cornwell.

This year I dressed as one of my alive-and-well heros. Some might find this offensive…or the fact that we American Anglicans ordain women at all dreadful but my costume was mainly a tribute to a great woman.

I don’t look up to the likes of the Kardashian sisters. In an age where the media depicts women as nothing but objects I am proud that ++Katharine is the head of my Church. I met her in person back in 2009 when she came to visit my Diocese. After Mass, I got to shake her hand & tell her that I’m a newly minted { confirmed just the week before by my diocesan bishop} Bishop Katharine looked straight into my eyes, smiled & said ” Welcome home”.

Indeed. Amen.

Feast of All Souls 2011

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