” Spiritual Housecleaning”: Part 2


I have my ” prayer table” pretty much set up as I want it. In addition to the aforementioned objects I discussed yesterday, I also placed a prayer card with the Chaplet of Divine Mercy  written on it. I received this prayer card as part of a Confirmation gift & it also reflects the Catholic heritage of both myself & my Church. It looks lovely.

Sometimes it is hard to let go of friendships…especially when there is apparently no good reason for the other person to end said friendship with you.  I never got any answers from one such friendship ending abruptly & it REALLY bothered me.  I like logic & illogical human behavior baffles me. I’d much rather study betta fish behavior than that of my own species. At least bettas flare at you when they are angry. One never knows when humans are angry. :o/

A gal with whom I’d gone to church at my previous denomination { Lets call her M} was * very* supportive of me when I felt led to TEC. She supported me, asked me questions about my early Anglo-Catholic journey, took me with her family to my first Mardi-Gras parade ever, & assured me we would be ” friends forever”  I invited her to the Mass at where I was to be confirmed & not only did she show up, but she sat in the front row in the nave during the Mass. At the reception she took a ton of photos & presented me with a gorgeous sarum-blue rosary.  Approximately one week after the Confirmation Mass, M cut off all contact with me. She blocked me on Facebook, and would not answer my phone calls or e-mails.

In the past three years I’ve learned that true friends want you in their lives, they just to play lip service to the idea of friendship. I’ve forgiven M, but I have not forgotten how her behavior hurt my feelings.

But she isn’t my problem anymore and I am where God wants me to be .

I’ve had to gently cut many people loose over these past four years . Spiritual-social housecleaning isn’t easy but somehow always worth it.


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