With a little help from our friends…

Whew…it has been quite a crazy two days in my life & in the life of my Small Parish. Without going into any details, suffice it to say that  the prayer team, of which I am a part, has been praying for more people than usual these past few days.

It is during such times as these that I am very grateful for ALL my friends, but am especially thanking God for the presence of one of my gal pals who * happens* to also be an Episcopal priest at the neighboring parish. 

Last night I felt spiritually depleted & texted said Collared Chick asking if she could call me at her convenience. I explained that I was feeling more than a wee bit overwhelmed with all that is happening at Small Parish & just needed some wise words from a friend who happens to be a priest.

Best Dude & I went to Morning Prayer earlier today & I felt so out-of-sorts that I just let the liturgy ” wash over ” me. As much as I wanted to totally worship in a joy-filled way, I just could not muster the joy this morning. But thankfully I recalled the words of one former Presbyterian pastor who once told me that its ok if I find myself in worship & unable to ” be there” totally.  I sat back & basked in the Presence of God & let the familiar words of the Rite Two Morning Prayer service cleanse me.

But Collared Chick’s simply being present with me via the telephone call this afternoon worked wonders towards making me fortified for  the next few days’ challenges. Admittedly  I am overwhelmed a bit by all the prayer needs right now, but I’m

Girl friends are forever!

renewed from my conversation with Collared Chick.  I know that God brought Collared Chick into my life when she came to the neighboring parish, but  she’s more than the neighboring rector. She is a true friend.

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