Some had to fall….

This has been a REALLY rough week in my life.

It got worse last evening… much , much worse.  

Best Dude & I were watching the local newscast before supper & a name flashed across the screen that I’d recognized instantly as that of a young man who was killed in a military campaign in Afghanistan.

I’m sad.

I am also angry.

This young man was only in his early 20’s. While I didn’t know him well, his parents are neighbors & good friends of my parents. This is also the first war casualty in Afghanistan whom I knew personally.

Let me make a disclaimer: I DO support our military personnel 100 percent & am grateful for all they do to keep this great nation free.  But since we’ve eradicated the world of Osama bin Laden{ which was the point of us sending troops into battle in the first place, was it not?} does it not make sense to bring our heroes home?  Removing bin Laden from the human race was necessary. But I’ve wondered since then why we keep out troops in harm’s way over there, especially since those people seem to want us to leave them alone to kill each other. It is true that bin Laden left a bloody legacy of followers, but how many more Americas will die in this war . Is this war against Muslim extremists really a ” just war” now?

Inasmuch as I truly want to eradicate extreme Islam, it’s becoming clear to me that those adherents to extreme Islam don’t want to change their way of life. While I don’t agree with the tenets of extreme Islam, I’m wondering now if perhaps the best thing we can do to ensure peace & security for our country is to bring ALL our troops home{ and welcome them as the heroes that they are} & declare ” mission accomplished.”.

Kyrie Elesion.  Christe Elesion.

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