Worst week ever.Thanks Mr President!

Wow….what a lousy week. I feel helpless. And trust me, helplessness is NOT a feeling to which I take to naturally.

The local newspaper did a special ” above -the-fold feature article on the life & death of the young Army officer  & native of my community who was killed { along with several others} in Afghanistan.

Sometimes I forget that most Americans don’t realize that there IS a real war over there in the Middle East. I live in a community that is populated by many active-duty & retired military personnel & we  DO NOT forget our service people, past & present.

But I fear that this isn’t the case in most parts of this great nation. All most people see is what the mainstream media wants us to see regarding the wars in the Middle East. Unless you live in a military-infused community as I do, it is easy to forget that these are REAL men & women in danger fighting for our nation.

I am angry.

My anger is directed at our President  * and* our Congress. They are the ones to blame for perpetuating this war. In my opinion, the war should have been over { and ALL our troops brought home} after those brave Navy SEALS killed Osama bin Laden. If the President would have kept his promise to really bring our people home in a timely matter, then all these brave soldiers needed not make the ultimate sacrifice .

Yes, these  Muslim extremists hate America & our way of life. But what I want to ask the President now is: How many more American lives will we lose trying to fight this  deadly enemy that  DOES NOT want a civilization like ours.  Maybe it isn’t very Christian of me, but I’m tired of this ” Losing war on a foreign shore” & really don’t care anymore about the Afghanis under the Taliban.

Memo to Mr President & the ” Country-Club Congress:

His name was Matt & he was 22 years old. No parents should have to outlive a child, but especially when said child dies on a foreign shore in a losing war. Matt was a hero.  Our politicians are the cowards. This is not a video game. Real lives are lost… so many were lost already. If you love this nation & REALLY support the troops, bring them home.

My Dad was injured in Vietnam & my boyfriend was also in combat in Vietnam. I love my nation & her troops. Don’t you DARE  say I am not patriotic!  I’m a patriotic person  ho has read history & knows  why the conflict in Vietnam lasted so long.

Yeah, I am angry. I feel like Moses must have felt when he pleaded to Pharoah to LET MY PEOPLE GO! Amen.

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