It is day 2 in Atlanta. Today I’ll spend the day with my sister-in-law. My brother has to work & the parents are going out to Roswell, Georgia to visit our great-uncle & then see a high school classmate of Mom’s whom I never met. SIL & I will probably take Chloe{ their little dog} over to her parents’ house in Jonesboro, Georgia for the day. I’m looking forward to today, as I don’t get much ” Girls’ Time with my SIL.

At any rate, the issue I wanted to address today deals with the fact that the far-LEFT seems o want to eradicate the words ” Merry Christmas”from the lexicon. Now I am totally accepting & understanding of folks whose relgious beliefs don’t subscribe to the Christian part of the Christmas season, but nonetheless, it isn’t ” The Holidays” One of my pet peeves is when folks wish me ” happy Holidays” when I know darn well that they are{ or at least claim to be} Christian.

We Christians should claim the holiday as what it originally intended it to be: a celebration of our Lord & Savior’s birth.

Stores everywhere bring out the red & green decor on the first of November{ which, by the way, is All Saints’ Day} but individuals need not fall for the overdone commercialization of what politically-correct super liberals call ” The Holidays”. Catholic Christians know that there is a four week time of preparation before Christmas & we call it Advent.

Now I am aware that may popular Christmas images & smbols come from a very pagen source.Thats ine with me, but these symbols & traditions are not known as ” Yuletide” symbols. Even my most agnostic family members call a Christmas tree a CHRISTMAS tree. I think I remember President Obama wanting to call the White House Christmas Tree the ” Holiday Tree” Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

I hate how the super-PC left trie to ruin the two most sacred days on the Christian calendar. Of course I respect folks’ right to worship{ or to not worship} as they please, but I do resent the movement to negate Christmas and Advent to “The Holidays”


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