Oh, Atlanta 2011

 I am in Atlanta for the holiday week.  It isn’t * that* long of a car trip, but 6 hours in the backseat of a small Honda sedan doesn’t due my titanium-enforced spine any favors.  Suffice it to say, I am sore & * very* grateful for accomidations that include my own sleeping room with wireless Internet. My little canine ” “neice, Chloe, wanted me to take her on a stroll around their neighborhood when we got home from supper but it is pouring a cold rain now.  So that leaves me happily listeningto Death Cab for Cutie’s new album for free on Spotify .

Mom, Dad & I are staying at my brother & sister-in-law’s house near Midtown, Atlanta. We just returned from a tasty authentic Mexican supper in a trendy little place located in Midtown. I ate the cheese quesidilla & it was excellent.  Best Dude is back in Northwest Florida taking care of my pets & I miss him.  My family is playing cards downstairs in the dining nook.

Since I do not play cards, I declined joining in the card games downstairs & am enjoying some peace & quiet tunes on Spotify.

I am reading a really great book { nonfiction} called_Brains that Work A Little Bit Differently_ Its about how aneurotypical people are easier to understand if neurotypical folks just take the time to see us as individuals with specific challenges AND specific gifts. It’s a fascinating read, especially for someone with autism & an amazing{ albeit scary as heck} photographic memory.  If I see it, such as a route to an unfamiliar place, I will NOT forget how to get there again. I also remember faces, but not names, even though I do not look most people in the eye.  My family knows my quirks, but I know they wish I were more like them. ;O/. Although they love & accept me, I’m the ” oddball* & always have been in my overly gregarious family. But I take comfort in knowing that some cultures value the thoughtful intellectual who prefers books & dogs to many people.

Books & music….this is a nice evening for a holiday vacation.I love country music, but I am in sort of indie-punk mood this evening. Modest Mouse, Death Cab for Cutie &  Katy Perry are some of tonight’s lineup.  I’ve yet to figure out how to move songs to individual playlists.

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