In all things, GIVE THANKS!


Last evening Mom’s Brother & his two sons came over to Atlanta House for fun, fellowship & pizza. My brother ordered four pizzas, three without meat & one{ for we carnivores in my family} with three different meat. Haha, you can guess which pizza I allowed myself to enjoy. :O)

This morning Chloe{ dog} and I went for a long walk near where my brother & sister-in-law live.Since I am almost never without my camera, I snapped a few cute shots of my canine ” niece” playing on the playground equipment.

The first of many football games is on the TV & I am sitting here listening to the game with ” half-an-ear”. The Gren Bay Packers are playing the Detriot Lions & for once I am cheering for the Lions to beat The Pack.

We are due to ear The Meal at 4 p.m. EST{ 3 p.m. at home in Pensacola} Since Brother & Sis-in-Law have a house, this will be the first Thanksgiving since they got married & moved to Atlanta that the family Turkey Day celebration is not{ Thanks be to God} at some boring restaurant.

Tonight we will stay in Atlanta instead of making the LONG drive back home to Florida immediately after the meal. Granted, there is almost literally no traffic on Thanksgiving night, but it isn’t comfortable to ride in the backseat of a car for six hours.

Since some of my immediate family are vegetarians, there will be salmon on our Thanksgiving table in addition to the customary turkey. My mother also makes a dressing without any use of turkey ” giblits”.

God Bless you & yours.

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