Convention ’12 will happen without me.

Today I completed my 2011 Report to the Annual Meeting, which is Sunday at Small Parish. It has been a good year for our Christian Education program… we’ve expanded & recruited more volunteers.

As I was writing the report, I was reminded that I cannot go to this upcoming years Diocesan Convention. Thee past two years, I was fortunate o serve as a lay delegate to our Convention. This coming year, I am ” passing the torch” to someone else.

It’s not that I don’t want to attend Convention this year, but Best Dude & I will be out-of-town that weekend–I already promised Best Dude that I want to travel with him that weekend to{ finally} meet his family. this is exciting, but at the same time I * will* miss seeing my friends from all over the Diocese at Convention But, Best Dude who also happens to be Senior Warden at Small Parish} & I have these plans & I am putting the person I love the most first for this upcoming February weekend.

One lesson that God has taught me this year is the need or self-care or people in active ministry be it a lay ministry such as mine or one of Holy Orders} One cannot be a good servant of God if one does not practice self-care. Its been a rather rough few weeks in our lives & I am looking forward to some ” sabbath time” In February with best Dude.

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