Happy belated birthday, ” Mark Twain”.

Yesterday was the anniversary of the nativity of Mark Twain, the pen name of Samuel L Clements.

I found a quote from a Facebook friend that echos how I feel about certain would events, especially in light of the death of one of my area’s ” native sons” in the war in Afghanistan two weeks ago.

Here is the quote: ” History does not repeat itself, but sometimes it rhymes. “~ Mark Twain.

Amen, sir!

Please don’t tell me I am unpatriotic. My fatheris an injured Vietnam veteran & Best Dude also saw combat in this war durng his time as a Marine. I love our men & women who choos to serve in our militar…in my opninion ALL of them are heros. But I question our contined involvement in these conflicts.

I feel that our country is in a losing war in two fronts in the Middle East. And sadly, there seems to be a plan for a seemingly endless war. This is reminiscent of what I know about the politics behind the Vietnam War.. While it is true that we needed to remove Osama bin Laden from existence, we completed that mission. { Thank you, US Navy SEALS!}With bin laden & Saadam both gone, we’ve disabled the leaders of these rougue factions of Middle Eastern society. That is VERY GOOD! But, the fact is, more insurgents will arise from the metaphorical ” rubble” that both these evil men left behind in Iraq & Afghanistan.

I pray for the troops who are still fighting over seas, but especially for our military personel who are in direct harm’s way. A young man in my cpommunity was killed fighting for a country he loved & while living out his dream of Army service. This hurts, especially since the current President promised in his campaign to bring home ALL of our militar heroes by 2012. I am angry because so many good Americans will continue topay the ltimiate price in a war that many I’ve talked with see as another Vietnam.

When will it end?

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