Advent with ++KJS Day 2: “Collective Memory”

I should have read this sermonette during Thanksgiving week. But the Holy Spirit had other plans for my Advent study time!

Bishop Katharine talks about he proverbial family meal where ALL the relatives come together around one table to share food & drink. This calls to mind many a Christmas supper at my grandparents’ house in PA when my brother & I were little. It was the ONE time during the calendar year when all the petty family drama{ most of which occurs between certain sister-in-laws on Dad’s side of the family} ceases & everyone comes to the table as members of the same familiar body.

Bishop Katharine draws a parallel between the family meal & the Meal that we Anglican Catholic Christians share every Sunday. We gather at the altar with members of the parish family who were baptized into OUR family, the family with God the Father & Christ at the head. No matter what our petty differences, we are all welcomed, as baptized members of the Christian family, to partake of the Feast of God/for the People of God.

Our Episcopal Church is a big branch of the Anglican family. Like all families, we are sure to not always agree on matters pertaining to our life together. Some of us wish to exclude baptized Christians from partaking in the discernment process because said people were born differently than most of us in some ways or another. Some Anglican Catholic provinces in oher parts of the world wish to withhold Holy Orders from duly called individuals based solely  on gender. But at the end of the day, we are a family & we love each other.

In my opinion, disagreement is natural yet it is NOT. At the Mass, we re-member that Christ made the ultimate sacrifice, His early life, so that those who believe in Him shall have eternal life . We re-member that ALL of us are sinners yet our amazing God loves us so much that he sent His Son, first to be born of a woman live His life as an earthly human & the die a hideous death so that WE may have access to the Kingdom beyond this life.

When we participate in Mass, we -re-member that we are one holy , catholic Church. When you find yourself at the altar during Mass this Advent, perhaps make a point to stand/kneel beside a brother or sister Christian with whom you might disagree with on some subjects. Recall that at the communion altar we re-member{ gather together} the complete Body of Christ on Earth.


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