Advent with ++KJS Day 3″ You can’t always get what you want”

One of my pet peeves about the Advent season is that Corporate America has tured it into the worship of the Almighty Dollar. Instead of preparing ou hearts & minds for the coming of the greatest Gift our Creator ever bestowed upon us, we bemoan the fact that{ many of us, myself included} have less capital to buy less ” stuff” for our loved ones.

Bishop Katharine reminds us that God provided the ancient Isrealites not withwhat they WANTED but what they NEEDED during their time in the wilderness. Scripture tells us that the people complained to Moses about
not having enough & we complain about scarcity. Everyone wants more ” stuff”.

Bishop Katharine says that a ” God’s-eye view {of the world} does not see scarcity– its all abundance. Everone gets what is needed in the Kingdom of God. God is more like a Jewish or Itallian mother who urges us to ‘eat, eat, eat people will thinkI don’t love you if you’re too skinny.”

Instead of complaining, we should be grateful for the abundance that God gives freely.

Many of us still have much more food, adequateshelter, medical care & clothing than people throughout most of the world. There is no doubt that economic times are tough worldwide & there are many in this great nation who lack necessities. But God does & will provide, we just need to stop focusing on ourselves & share some of God’s bounty.

If you do not have much by way of material goods, think about sharing some of your talents. Abilities also are given by God & not everyone has the same skills.

Here are some ideas to share gifts of talents with others: Volunteer to teach an adult to read & speak English. Sing Christmas carols at a local nursing home one Saturday morning{ Trust me, they LOVE this…my Jewish grandfather’s deep baritone singing “O Christmas Tree” with my caroling group several years ago.] Volunteer at a free medical clinic if you are trained in one of the medical arts. Become a guardian ad litem.

We are a blessed people, no matter what the stock market does. Amen.

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