Advent with ++KJS Day 4 ” Total Ministry”

Once again, the Holy Spirit tells me what I NEED to know, not what I want to hear!

Today’s meditation by our Presiding Bishop deals with the ” Total Ministry” of the baptized. By virtue of our baptism, all Christians are ministers. Look in our Prayer Book in the Catechism, and note that the ministry of laypeople is listed FIRST…before that of deacons, priests & bishops. That should show us where our “place” is in the Body of Christ both at the parish level and in our Dioceses. The Church IS the folks in the pews & those same folks who try hard to be Christ’s Body in this world.

Every singe baptized Christian has a ministry…an ACTIVE ministry. I’ve known this since attending Sunday School as a teen in the Presbyterian church in Ohio. But what I’ve discovered during my adult walk with God is that emptying oneself to the will of God will involve changes in one’s ministry…often several changes.

I. Hate. Change. Any sort of change scares me. But when it comes to total ministry, I’ve realized during these past few days that “letting go of the reins” of one ministry makes way for me to listen to what God wants me to do next.

Bishop Katharine says:

“The last time I checked, the Church already had a head, & its not you or me or the rector down the street. Nor do we need passive consumers of ministry who refuse to be adults in this Body. Being a child of God does not mean being childish. We need people who know how to give themselves & their ministries away. ”

Ouch. That last sentence really convicted me. But, after much prayer I am ready for whatever ministry God calls me to, next. Priests can’t & don’t stay at the same parish for their entire active ministry & laypeople shouldn’t stay in the same ministry throughout their lives ,either.

As Bishop Katharine stated, the Head of the Church is Christ, our Lord & Savior. Like the early apostles, sometimes following Him means leaving behind other “jobs” in our Christian communities & picking up what else needs to be done to spread the Gospel.

Total ministry means that we, the People of the Book, are in this life & Christian community together.

Glory be to the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. Amen.


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