Advent with++KJS Day 5. “Saints in Our Midst”

Once again, the Spirit has played a joke on me. Today’s reading is much-better suited for All Saints All Souls’ Day. But it is Advent & I know there is a seasonal message in this sermonette.

Saints are celebrated in the Church as examples towards Godly, but not perfect living. If you’ve read any biography of any of the men & women that the Church recognizes as saint, you’ll know that saints are just ordinary people who are trying hard to follow the teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is Advent, the season when we Christians wait for the earthly birth of a baby in a barn somewhere near Bethlehem. Bt, as Bishop Katharine reminds s, saints are at work every day of the year spreading the Gospel by BEING the hands, feet , eyes & ears of Christ’s Body, the Church.

Bishop Katharine says that “saints” can be found anywhere, but especially in places where people might stay unnoticed. Look around your parish–who are the ” saints” who often work qietly to make sure the more ” visible ministries of the parish continue. Toight, give thanks to God for the quiet saints that live & do God’s work among you in your parish community.

In the Name of the Triune God, Amen.

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