Advent with++KJS Day 9 ” Shalom Around The World”

Bishop Katharine started out her adult life as an oceanographer. According to her, this was a vocation that she dearly loved. But when the government’s funding for the research program on which she worked ran out, she found herself without an income & ” at loose ends”. In her book she said that the subject of ordination did arise even then, but ” I wasn’t ready to hear it.” God’s Plan for her included another leg of her walks with Our Lord.

Sometimes our life’s work, what will fulfill you & me the most changes. But, according to Bishop Katharine, the very act of our baptism represents willingness to stand” naked” & vulnerable before God & to let God tell us what metaphorical garment to put on next. Sometimes God acts quickly, but most of the time, we must wait & see or the opportunity that God will put in our lives to show us what is next.

I admit it: I am NOT a patient person!

In the early Church, baptism was an act that was much closer to the baptism that Jesus experienced in the Jordan River than the usual Anglican method of sprinkling water on the baptismal candidate’s forehead. But the theology is the same, when a person is baptized , she or he ” dies” to the old life & is “reborn {so to speak} as Christ’s own.

I’m waiting to see where my journey with God will lead me next. In the world where I find myself here in Northwest Florida, there is much work to be done to spread Shalom.


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