Advent with ++KJS Day 14 “Ready for Grace”

Tonight Best Dude & I are having a traditional Hanukkah celebration. { he’s not Jewish…aswe met in church but he’s interested in learning about my Jewish heritage, so we’ll do this tonight} I’ve got my grandmother’s menorah on the table & we found birthday candles that * just * fit in the menorah. I’m cooking latkes for supper tonight. YUM!

The Presiding Bishop, in today’s sermonette, talks about hunger. There is much physical hunger going on in today’s world . But I’ve also notice spiritual hunger among many people I know. She says that to we Christians, Christ is ” the Bread of Life”. When we attempt to live out our baptismal covenant we are offering that Bread to others who might nt even know they are hungry.

I am blessed with both enough physical food to eat & a rich spiritual heritage into which I have dipped to sustain me. 2011 has been a tough year for most people, but we can take substance both from receiving Christ at the altar & BEING Christ’s Body in the world.

When Best Dude & I sit down to say the traditional Hanukkah blessing this evening, I’ll give thanks to our God, a God Whose Grace knows no limit.


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