New Year= New Promises

I do not bother to make resolutions. If I resolve to do something, I’ll break it. But, I’ve discovered that if I have a PROMISE to myself to ae a change in the New Year & follow it up with a plan of action, I’ll accomplish my goal. One of my friends from my parish is also committed to achieving her fitness goals for this year, so we are” gym buddies”.

My workout starts with { after stretching of course} a mile long jog on the treadmill followed by three minutes on either the skiing machine or the stepper. Then we hit the pool for some laps…this is BY FAR the best part of the workout. I love to swim laps, once I get going the warm water of the { covered} pool swimming invigorates my body & lifts my soul. While I am not too fond of jogging in place on a treadmill, I do like the fact that I can control my speed AND set my distance goal. On Wednesday I plan to try the ski machine in lieu of the stepper, since the stepper left me with some * really* sore gluts in time for my parents’ New Years’ Eve party. { This was not fun at all}

I also need to remember to pack my workout bag the night before L. & I go to the gym. She picks me up at 7 in the morning & I’m not usually cogniscent until I’ve gulped my first cup of coffee. I’ve also discovered that I need my own water bottle in the gym, as it isn’t advisable to try to step off of a moving treadmill to get to the water fountain in the gym!

My goal is NOT to grow big musculature! I’m small-boned & five foot six inches tall. Instead , I’m focusing on cardio health,further developing my core body muscles and building arm & shoulder strength. Right now I am doing three sets of 10 repetitions with the hand weights & my goal into lift 10-pound hand weights by Easter. Strength is my workot for this year, not muscle growth.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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