Packing for gym/pool time requires more pre-planning…

When I first started working out in the gym, my mile on the treadmill at the gym seemed like a chore, but I’ve noticed yesterday & today that once I got my body into the natural rhythm of jogging, my mind relaxed & a feeling of peace enveloped my sweaty body. It was an odd sensation for me, yet a rather pleasant one. If anyon else ever experienced this sort of ” workout high” while in the gym, please let me know. Although I ran in high school many years ago: I do not recall a general feeling of peace *during* an intense workout. When I ran in high school my endorphines have occured AFTER I finish training—not during the training session!

Tomorrow is Thursday & I have class in the morning. Finding time for the gym will be a challenge, but I’ll know by tonight when I’ll be at the gym & how I will get there.

After I finished my 14 minute mile{ yeah yeah yea…I’m working towards a goal of 5 1/2 minute mile} I still had time left before hand weights with L, so I did 6 minutes of cardio on the “skiing machine”. That was a good workout & I think that I’ll alternate the ski machine with the stair climber. The stair machine is much harder on my knees, but my lower legs get a better workout on the stairs. My upper les & arms feel the effects of the ski machine.

L and I lift free weights before we go to the pool. I’m working on toning my arms, but due to titanium rods in my back, I cannot do many of the motions some people use with hand weights. I do what I can & I do it faithfully. Right now I lift 5 pound weights but my goal is to work to lifting 10 pound weights.

10 pounds will be my limit, as I physically cannot lift more than that without risk to my back. Inasmuch as I want to get stronger & healthier–I cannot afford to injure my back. Although scoliosis left me with titanium ods in my back & a very limited range of motion of the spine, I am working around my disability. Best Dude tells me that he knows I can do ANYTHING I set my mind to do { I’m stubborn} and I REALLY want to work towards strength & health.

Today my workout buddy, L, and I were at the gym a few minutes after 7 . I had packed everything the night before{ or so I’d thought} & woke with plenty of time to eat some oatmeal for breakfast & drink my *one* cup of morning coffee.

I stretched for a full ten minutes and was ready when she came. After I finished the strength training with the hand weights, I looked around for me blue swim bag & realized that I’d left it at home! Darn! Darn! Darn! Since I wore my swimming suit under my gym clothes & packed some towels & shower shoes for the pool, I decided to honor my workout routine anyhow & swim sans snorkel mask & swim fins.

Yours truly doesn’t skimp on my workout routine simply because of an eary-morning ” duh” moment! No way. That ” ain’t” happening!

I walked into the indoor pool area and slid into the warm water. Marsha, the trainer, was the only other person in the pool at this early hour & she was intent o her own routine. I usualy swim 25 laps per day in te pool but since I am not accustomed to swimming without my snorkle { I admit that I missed my fins, too but I would rather swim fin-less than wihout the snorkle} Anyhow, I only made 10 laps in the pool this morning but they were 10 FULL Laps. What slowed me down & tired me out much quicker is lifting my head to breathe at intervals…when I wear the snorkle I never have to worry about an oxygen supply. Best Dude says its probably good for me to swim snorkle-less every now & again . I agree but if I’m in the pool swimming my 25 laps, I want to swim without stopping for air. :O)

When I was through with swimming I got outof the pool & litetally RAN into the locker room for a shower…it was SO COLD this morning. I had to shower at the gym, because I planned to go to Mass and then spend the day with Best Dude afterwards. { We usually try to make Mass at 9:30 on Wednesdays}

Yeah, I went to Mass today in shower shoes & wet hair. But I was there. Self care involves physical,intellectual AND spiritual care.


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