Tending to the body is part of Stewardship of Creation

” You want me to do something–tell me I can’t do it”~Maya Angelou.

I’ve determined that 2012 is the “Year of the Strong & Healthy Sarah”. I’ve got a workout plan that includes gym time & t swimming laps in the { heated, covered} pool. Since I’ve been swimming laps since this summer, I’ve developed good core musculature, but need to work on making my legs my arms stronger. I’m tired of people asking me if I’m sick or anorexic. Yes, I’m undeweight…and YES I EAT!

While I’m content to be a small-boned woman, I can add some muscle to my limbs & increase my cardiovascular capacity. My pool time occurs after my gym workout–as I love to swim & use swimming laps as my” reward” for getting though the tough stuff in the gym. :O) When I emerge from y workout, I eel refreshed; Yeas: I am a bit sore but as they say” no pain, then no gain”. My workout time is almost contemplative in nature. I settle into me repetitions & my mind is free to focus on contemplative prayer.

God gave us each one body & it is up to ME to take the best care I can of the body I have.

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