The only bad workout is no workout….

Due to my schedule today, I went to the gym later than usual.

When I got there, the cardio theatre was closed for cleaning & maintainance. :O( Apparently this is a weekly occurance…from 12 noon until 2 p.m. every Thursday they close ALL the treadmills, stair-steppers & ski machines.GRR! But I quickly regrouped & did 20 minutes of intense work on my legs on the stationary bicycle. I am not a fan of the stationary bicycle, but I did have my NOOK Tablet with me & I read several pages of my book while my legs enjoyed a healthy yet monotonous workout. I’m a runner, not a biker. After sitting all morning I really wanted to get the core of my body in an upright position. But the important thing is that I completed my workout. That being said, I won’t voluntarily use the stationary bikes again.

I still had time left before the strength training with hand weights, so I tried the elliptical machine. My gym only has ONE such machine & my father uses it every morning when he works out. Today was the first time I’d been on an elliptical machine & I like it as much as I like the skier & much better than that stair-stepper. My legs felt like rubber by the time I was finished with the elliptical. It was great.

Today I DID remember all my swim gear & the pool ‘s temperature was a refreshing 80 degrees this afternoon. :O) As soon as I slid into the water, all my aches from the intense leg workout disappeared! I swam my usual 25 laps, but had to make time & room for mask adjustments. When one is swimming with a mask & snorkle, one does not want water in ANY part of the mask or{ especially} the snorkle. I’m adept at clearing my snorkle while in motion in the water, but it is harder for one to adjust a water-filled face mask without one’s nose also filling with heavily-chlorinated water. It took three adjustments, but I finally got the mask to fit correctly on my face.

But, in my opinion, the only truly bad workout is no workout at all.

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