Total Health: What is it to Me?

I usually write about my life as it pertains to my Church activities & other ” spiritual ” topics. Lately I’ve been writing about my promise to myself to get HEALTHY in 2012. This includes eating more of the right kinds of foods, reading more to stimulate my brain & regular strength-building exercise. I’ve solicited advice from one of my college classmates on Facebook and I’ve also told my intentions to make this “The Year Of The Healthy Sarah” to Best Dude. He is very supportive of my endeavors towards total health & for this I am grateful.

To me, total health is not just about the physical body. Total health encompasses the emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of we humans. During the past few years I’ve come to realize that I’ve used my ack disability as a crutch for NOT working to get my body in shape. I’ve done not badly with the other three areas of health, but I’ve neglected my physical self. For too many years I’ve been underweight & physically weak. But this need not always be true for me: there are elements that I can add to a workout program that will help me attain my goals while still keeping my titanium-infused spinal column safe.

If I do not take good care of ALL of myself, I cannot be a good faithful servant of God.

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