Football weekend…and a sick day

I know I am remiss in keeping up with this blog. Its een a GREA but busy holiday season, cumulating with the Bishop’s annual visit to Small Parish last Sunday. Our Bishop visited the parish on the Feast of Or LORD’s Baptism.

We had about 8 or 9 confirmads and one Reception from the Roman Church & one Reaffirmation of faith. It was a glorious Sunday. Our Bishop also pronounced God’s Blessings on a ship’s bell and our new Parish Archive. All in all, it was an eventful day. Best Dude & I also watched my Steelers get ” T-Bowed” during the NFL playoff game against Denver. Ugh. But I must admit that my Steelers’ O-Line was NOT there during the first half on Sunday’s game. They somewhat rallied during the second half, but it was not enough to salvage the damage done during that HIDEOUS first half. Oh , well….

Well, I got some really lousy news today. Apparently a high school classmate died today after suffering a long illness. My heart is heavy & this news only strengthens my resolve to live a healthy, active lifestyle. I’ve be criticized for my obsession with health & fitness this year but I am almost on the close side of the BIG 4-0 & I want to have a healthy , happy & active life.

On Monday evening Best Dude & I watch “the” college game: a much-anticipated rematch versus the Louisiana State Tigers & the Alabama Crimson Tide. Although I cheer for Bama & am pleased that they won the National Championship, as a football fan I’d hoped for …much more of a contest between these two teams.Bama DOMINATED over LSU all while kicking FIELD GOALS. Yep…I’ve always stated that games can be either won or lost depending on the skill of any team’s kicker. The loan run over the goal line was scored by none other than Pensacola’s Trent Richardson! :O)

Anyhow, Its Wednesday & I’m nursing a sore throat. I felt so lousy when I awoke this morning that I missed my morning workout with LPC & stayed away from Wednesday Mass. This morning I went back to sleep after enjoying my morning coffee.

When I awoke I sat in bed & read one of the new books I bought on my NOOK Tablet. That little Tablet is an amazing piece of technology & according to an article I read recently on, the Tablet-type ereaders are supposed to DECREASE in price in 2012. My NOOK Tablet does eerything that my laptop computer does & is * much* more portable. I’m very impressed with the quality of the e-books I’ve readthus far on my NOOK Tablet— the controls are almost entirely touch-screen based & the ” pages” of the NOOK books look just like paper books. Unlike the first-generation Kindle, one needs not push buttons to turn pages, One swipe of a finger turns pages of Nook books. Best Dude bought me a * PURPLE* leather-like coer for my NOOK tablet & this further aids one in confort while reading.

Currenty I am reading _Nicholas & Alexandra_ on my NOOK—in print, this tome is a heavy 600+ page volume. I carry the electronic it in my slim, light Nook . On B& I also found a complete Book of Common Prayer for the weekly cheap prince of $3.99.
Have a great wek, everyone.

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