I have not been as faithful with this blog as I’d like to remain…so here is a brief recap of my week.

Football: My Steelers lost. Yesterday I begrudgingly cheered for Tim Tebow but the Broncos lost. I didn’t watch the games today , but I read that the Ravens advanced to the next round of playoffs. Since I live in N’awlins Saints’ country, yesterday I stepped on the “Brees bandwagon” & hoped that the “other” black & gold football teams would win. No such luck.

Hockey: Best Dude & I watched our Tampa Bay Lightning play both on Friday evening & this afternoon. Our Lightning lost both games, including a loss to the Penguins this afternoon. The Bolts REALLY ned to fix their goalkeeping situation. At this rate, the Lightning will not make the NHL playoffs….

Fitness: I took two days off this week. Inasmuch as I did not wish to skip a day of working out{ much less skip TWO days} I woke on Wednesday with a horribly sore throat. But it felt GREAT to be back at the gym on Friday. I’ve discovered that I enjoy working my legs on the skiing machine much more than I enjoy my mile run on the treadmill. :O) While I’ll faithfully complete ALL of my cardio workout each day, the thought of donning swim fins, a bathing suit & a snorkel & swimming laps keeps me motivated.

Also on Friday I discovered that my NOOK Tablet will play music, & since the charger to my Ipod is missing, The addition of listening to my own playlists helped keep me going whilst at the gym. When I go to the gym, my intention is to work on my FITNESS, not to mix & mingle. :o/ Women, in particular, chatter at my gym & although most of these chatty gals are my age or younger, I’ve discovered that I’m perfectly happy NOt to be included in their chatter about husbands, kids, their neighbors & other such domestic drama.

I’d much rather work out earlier with the jocks: as generally I don’t fit in well with the ” mommy set” at the gym. As much as I love teaching children, since I am not a mom I tend to prefer the company of women with grown children or women who are childless by choice. Just saying…

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