Love is…driving all over to get one’s Tablet fixed.

Best Dude bought me a Nook Tablet for Christmas. It was the ONLY Christmas gift I wanted this year & I use it daily.

Last night I was in bed reading the novel _Sarah’s Key_ last evening when the screen on my Nook suddenly ” went blue” .Thats right, folks: the screen simply quit working.. { and it quit RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF A CHAPTER IN THE NOVEL I AM READING!! GR…}

Anyhow, est Dude & I drove me to Pensacola so we could ask one of the techie-type people at the store where he purchased the device for help diagnosing the problem After performing ” exploratory surgery” on the Nook Tablet, the technician deduced that the problem with the Nook was its power cord. Apparently the particular device I own was shipped from the manufacturer came with an inferior power cord. In short, the Nook’s batter died because it never got a chance to fully charge.

Thankfully, Best Dude bought the extended warranty , so pretty much anything that can happen to a Nook is covered. While I am grateful that I* could* ave gotten a new Nook if needed I am very grateful that it was only a defective power cord. It was not easy for us to set up the Wi-Fi for my Nook, as AT&T U-verse’s customer service is { in my opinion} lacking in knowledge. All my data is safe & the Nook is working splendidly now. the service people at the store were professional & friendly.

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  • David Haas  On 01/24/2012 at 9:14 pm

    I have a question about your blog. Please email me!

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