Book review: _Sarah’s Key_

Since I was sick in bed yesterday I finally finish reading the novel _Sarah’s Key_ on my NOOK .

As a whole, I am fairly impressed with the novel. Th author clearly did her research on the topic, until I read this novel I knew pretty much next to nothing on the arrest of French Jews during the Holocaust. Naturally I knew that Jews were not persecuted in *only* Germany & Russia, but this was the first time I had read anything of the arrest & deportation of French Jews.

This is not an easy novel to read. The author describes in detail the horrors experienced by a young Jewish French girl.

As a Christian with Jewish heritage { my Mom is Jewish so by Jewish tradition I am Jewish & VERY PROUD of my heritage} I hope that people ho might not otherwise know much abouy the horrorsof the Holocaust might glensomething from this novel. hae noticed, specialy here in he Deep Souh where I live, that many people do not understnd than anti-Semitism & holocaust-denying that *still* exists even now.

The story is told from the viewpoint of young Sarah and it alternates with a sub-plot of the French-American journalist who researched & wrote about the deportation of French Jews in the summer of 1942. My only complaint about the book is that the author makes the story more & more about the journalist’s family issues the further the story moves along. the last two or three chapters focused almost exclusively on Julia’s{ the journalist} marital problems more so that on Sarah’s story.

In my opinion, the author could have skipped some of the marital drama, even if doing s would have shortened the novel. When I finished with the novel, I did a Google search on French victims of the Holocaust. Any book that teaches me something important is always worth reading, but I must admit that the predictable ending of this novel disappointed me.

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