Cedar Key….

Cedar Key.....

Best Dude & I just returned from a short road trip down to central Florida to visit his family . This trip was wonderful & I am delighted with Best Dude’s family.

On our drive back, we stopped briefly on the small Gulf island of Cedar Key. Best Dude has told me about this place & I wanted to see it for myself. So , after we woke insanely early to leave Urban Sprawl to set out for home, we took a small side trip to Cedar Key, Florida. It is located right off of the southwest Florida coast, about 40 minutes from Williston, Florida & about an hour from Gainesville. This small fishing village is isolated, but to one such as myself, it holds a special draw. Inasmuch as Santa Rosa County is not the easiest lace to live if one cannot drive , after visiting Urban Sprawl, Florida I found a new appreciation for the relative underdeveloped part of Florida that we call home.

We waked out onto the pier facing the far side of the Gulf & saw a HUGE pelican sitting on the fence. Clearly this bird was use to humans, since Best Dude photographed me standing next to it & the bird did not seem at all bothered . I got two great photos of said bird with my little point-and-shoot camera as well as some scenery of mainland cedar Key as seen from the pier. We did not have much time to explore this charming little island as we’d liked, but hopefully I will return again soon.

Cedar Key, according to its Web site, does boats a tourism industry, but it is not the ” typical” Florida vacation destination. No high-rise hotels & condominiums litter the coastline Cedar Key archetecture is very much ” Old Florida, with many homes boasting big porches & windows. My only regret is that we really did not have the time to explore the island more fully. It looks to be a great place for walking & bicycling.

I’ll be back to Cedar Key…..

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