This morning’s workout was ” killer”! Hahaha, I am going be so sore in the morning from my time on the stair-climbing machine .

I’m a much happier and more energetic person when I emerge from the gym. Its only been five weeks since I started my STRONG NOT SKINNY” Campaign & I am already feeling positive results. As a matter of fact, when I was away from home & did not have access to a gym facility, I realized I needed to find creative ways to satisfy my need to get my body moving.

Today I focused on strength training, rather on cardio & endurance. I did my lifting routine with the hand weights at home while I waited for my ride to drive me to the gym. Once I checked myself into the gym, I stood on the tair-climber for five very intense minutes of climbing. I do not recall how many ” flights of stairs” I cleared in my five-minute limit, but my legs felt like they were made of Jello when I stepped off of the machine. It was great.

But I was just warming up…

Thankfully my favorite treadmill was not in use, so I set my specifics for my run and pounded the treadmill with my feet for a solid mile. My time isn’t quite as fast as I want it tobe at this point. However, I’m not any slower since returning from our trip to Central Florida last week so I am satisfied with today’s timed run. :O) Honestly, the timed mile is m least-favorite part of m workout routine, but it helps both my cardio *and* my strength training , so twice weekly I run in place. My reward for completing the mile is my laps in the Olympic-sized heated, indoor pool that my center happens to have available for members. I wear a mask & snorkel while I swim, so I stay underwater for the duration of my time in the pool.

In the pool I swam continuously for 30 minutes . Rather than swimming my customary ” butterfly” stroke, I am now working on perfecting my ” crawl” When I went to the pool on Saturday, I did the crawl exclusively{ It is always good to change-up one’s workout from time to time}.

When Best Dude & I went to the grocery, I bought some _Ensure Muscle Heath_ protein drinks. I drank one with my lunch this afternoon & I think that Ensure makes the best protein shake product on the market now.

Remember my mantra: STRONG IS THE NEW SKINNY!

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