Your body is a temple….

Today I went to they gym for an early strength-building workout.

In order to get to the main area of the gym I attend,one must walk trough the bike/elliptical machines. As per usual, a woman was on the same exercise bike dressed in a gray sports bra & matching gym shorts. She has the TV tuned into some cooking program and the volume at full throttle.

I mention this particular ” gym rat” ince I am concerned for her health. Without sounding alarmist, she literally looks like a skeleton covered with skin. Her wasted body makes it hard to even discern her approximate age. I am both fearful for her health yet also repulsed by hr gaunt appearance. It makes me sad to see anyone look as unhealthy as she does. Of course there is a chance that I * could* be wrong about her eating disorder but I am doubtful. I do understand eating disorders better than do most laypeople & some health professionals & this woman looks sick!

She is at the gym every morning I go & try to withhold judgement. It isn’t easy, as I know all-too-well what poor bodyimagecan do if taken to an extreme. My anger is not at this woman, but at a society that still tries to inundate women with “Skinny is Sexy” ideas.

Some may argue that I work out obsessively, but my intentions are not to lose weight, but to add STRONG MUSCLE to my already too-thin frame. My guess is that some patrons at my gym probably think I am suffering from disordered eating but I can only hope & pray that I never let myself look as stick-thin as this woman.

She always dresses in the same workout clothes, uses the same exercise bike & blasts a cooking show on the television. Once my workout buddy, EPC, asked this woman if she was, indeed, watching said cooking show{ Since this woman appeared to read a magazine} inasmuch as I feel compassion for this woman, when she is there the last thing I want to do is be in the same part of the gym as she when I am working out….I’ve come a long way from my ” diseased eating” days & I do NOT wish to return to that sate of mind.

Our bodies are well-made machines crafted with the utmost care as are some of the finest architecture in the word . It saddens me to know that some people { women especially} abuse their bodies in this way.

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