Pizza-by-the slice

One of my Facebook friend asked where we Tri-Staters would choose to eat pizza in Small Town, Ohio, where I lived for a while.


While Southerners have some mighty fine recipes in their family cookbooks, but I’ve not yet found an authentic pizza-by-the-slice shop in the Greater Pensacola area. This simple & high-fat concoction is a staple of anyone’s diet if one grew up in the western Pennsylvania/ WV/ eastern Ohio area. Pizza-by-the-slice usually involved a thick crust, sweet tomato paste, grated cheese { that isn’t * quite* thoroughly melted} & greasy pepperoni. When we were young, slices cost no more than 25 cents & were ordered according to how many slices one wanted.

This memory is more about the pizza. I remember many good times situated around a box of square pizza slices from Iggy’s, Gianamores, & Dicarlos’ pizzerias. My brothr was amnathlete, so y family ate many pizza suppers in the car while waiting for one of his games. When I worked for my godparents’ lake & campground during my hig school summers, we sometims pooled our cash together for an after-hours pizaa party.

Its funny how food from a certain place can stir up memories. :O)

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