Rejoice, Again I say REJOICE! { Phil 4:1-9}

The season of Lent is traditionally a season of quiet reflection. From Ash Wednesday all the way through Easter Sunday, we are in a period of waiting for the inevitable paradox that is Holy Week.  we know that OUR LORD is on His way to His death & there is nothing that His diciples back then could do to stop this fate. But, unlike the first-century disciples, we modern Christ-followers know” the rest of the story”.  We know that Christ dies, but He will be risen from the dead three days later. ristians can rejoice in our faith of God’s Agape love for humanity.

” For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son…”

Yes, Lent is a time for quiet reflection. Yet, we can REJOICE in the knowledge of how this story will end—in that Our Lord conquered death on a cross so that WE ma also have eternal life.


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