Family affair

Today’s Gospel lesson has me thinking about ” family”..

I am fortunate to have the best family-of-origin in addition to an excellent extended family. But like all families, sometimes we quarrel.  We are all individuals & none of us are perfect. But since we share DNA, it is expected that we get along & { yes} even love each other.

The same is true for the Christian ” family”. We are ALL part of the Family of God & need to get better at treating each other as such.  No matter what branch { denomination} of Christ’s family we claim, we are ALL siblings-in-Christ.

It makes me sad to see Christians of different denominations fighting amongst ourselves & it totally breaks my heart to see inter-denominational bickering. Some of the wost{at least in my opinion} of such inter-denominatioal bickering  deals with who may receive Holy Communion at Mass.

It is my very firm opinion that the Holy Sacrament should * not* be denied any baptized Christian who comes to the Table seeking it.  Holy Communion is not & should not be used as a spiritual ploy to force the faithful to submit to theauthority of one such person or branch of Christianity.

 The word “catholic”= ” universal’.


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